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A Collection of Geekery

6 October
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This blog is a joint venture between two anime, video game, sci-fi and fantasy loving nerds, Jen ravenmichiru who does most of the LJ maintenance and Stephanie who does most of the writing. We also have a third contributor, RM who only does select game reviews for us. This blog is where we will show off our vintage anime, video game, and toy collections, with some newer stuff thrown in for good measure. It also contains reviews, critiques and other fun stuff. We hope you'll enjoy reading. ^_^

This is directly cross posted from our blogger account so if you prefer that format please go there. Also be aware that some link backs make take you directly to their original blogger locations we'll try to get them fixed for LJ, but leave us a comment if we missed one.

Please note that this is NOT a selling journal, but we do fund our collections via our web store, http://www.avaneshop.com/ so we post updates to that as well. Please check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing and friend our journal to see our monthly coupon codes (as most of them are friends only entries)